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  • Welcome to FUN CRAZY CLAN site ;)
    We are very cruel killers and if You want talk with us, You can meet us in the CHAT. Boss TISHKA DRONT not bad guy, but he many sleep when other our fighters get many points in battles. We kill him and he WAKE UP))
  • [FUNC] not FUNK, but knows how to run fast :)
    You can run beside us in battle, when the superior forces of the enemy do onslaught, the quick run prolongs our life )
  • [FUNC] support many hign quality gameservers - clean from cheaters!
    TISHKA_DRONT programmed all our servers, set anticheater-protect and control-server. He all time donate servers for rent long time. Thanks to Your donation, we can provide more quality servers. Thank you for your support) Who helped - gets a VIP)
    MOH 2010: Rex LV, dxwebsetup, PUMCAT, ALEKSIS1982, N00bik, ​Heisenberg4004, PhoenixSD, maxime fr, KyroTrack, Dhc1973, Yakutrus | BF4: Suchiy_Potroh, Es_I_Skorp_26Rus, Trajan1, Uknow player, evgenyi987, Encesil, 1ntected, 1_DIVERSANT, HATuCK93, [ABJ]Stalker_BJ_, Hedgeh09, Es_I_Skorp_26Rus. ALL donators use VIP-status and VIP-slot in all servers: BF4, BF3, MOH 2010.
  • RENT BF4 server 24 slots
    Low price: rent BF4 server 44Ghz 24slots + freepay Procon hosting + freepay TS3 server 32 slots = 15.99 euro per mouth. Choice any server from our 2 BF4 server 24slots. This servers play every day. Location Moscow. very many players have servers our servers in in Favorite. For get info about rent - contact to TISHKA_DRONT. BONUS: Procon hosting + TeamSpeak 3 server 32 slots = 15.99 euro/mouth
  • RENT TS3 server 32 slots
    VIP TS3 servers 32 slots for rent without port with white IP: Low price 2 euro per mouth. Exemple: TS3 server IP: | Freepay try use server and rent after check. Advantages: 100% no lags. You can choice name and use for connect to your TS3 server: If you have site, you can add subdomain aka and use short name. Minimal time for rent 1 year = 24euro.
  • Арендуй БФ4 сервер 24 слота
    Супер предложение: БФ4 сервер 24 слота + Procon хостинг + TS3 server всего за 999руб в месяц. Как известно, раскрутить и сделать посещаемым новый сервер в БФ4 непросто. Выберите и арендуйте любой из 2-х наших раскрученных серверов 44Гц Москва. Оба сервера в ТОП-5 Фортима. Поддержка по телефону.
  • Арендуй ВИП TS3 сервер 32 слота
    Суперцена! 99руб в месяц за TeamSpeak 3 сервер 32 слота в аренду с белым IP без порта: (после айпи НЕ НАДО указывать двоеточие порт). Реальный пример: Можно попробовать и арендовать, при тестировании выдаются полные права админа. Локация: датацентр Москва. Минимальное время аренды 1 год = 1188руб. Дадим субдомен на и поставим переадресацию на Ваш ТС3 сервер.

Our site in game Medal of Honor 2010

vote NOW!

GerUse this plugin!



RENT DEDICATED BF4 SERVER 71 euro per month., without lags played ~400 slots online players

On this dedicated server, leased me to, launched 10-12 game servers BF4. Game servers are 1.5 years old and are full every day without using bots.
The cost is 72 euros per month. I paid it before April 17, 2019.
You can buy this contract from me and continue using these BF4 servers. Screenshot of the contract, the rental price is indicated - press link.

PROCON HOSTING 30 plugins with sub-admins 2 euro per month.

Test time 1 week, if like donate to rent :)

Anticheat TAC 1 euro (give fast ban for agressive aimboters)
TAC - OS for control server, dinamic map list, very many commands to chat ~100 (Developer can add new commands)
Exemple -  command to chat -  can OFF\ON sniper-shotgun limit, friendly fire OFF\ON, restore health ON to 1min in hardcore mode and etc.

Spesial offer for rent new servers (rule: server not have bot-support in rent time, set to ranked type)  0.1 euro\slot - first month only, server size 32-48 slots. 
You have full assec like rented in

Our ALL our Germany BF4 servers hosted in our dedicated server by, our dedicated server payed to  17 april' 2019 (not 2018!)

  • Donate and get old server with life time over 1 year, this server in favorite of many players!

  • Rent our BF4-BF3 servers 30Ghz - 0.2-0.4euro minimal price in world

  • Resize choiced server - before rent

  • Get FULL WEB-interface, acces to all startup files and setup, FTP-acces

  • You get full acces aka rent from

  • This price for old servers with banners.

  • Servers can use bot-support for be full.

  • Minimal donate to rent: 10 euro! To VIP - 6 euro.

Server size 30Ghz.
All info show average per month

Rent to 1 month,


Rent to 2 month,



Rent to 3 month,




16 slots

0.4 (6,4)

0.37 (5,92)

0.35 (5,6)

24 slots

0.3 (7,2)

0.27 (6,48)

0.25 (6)

32 slots

0.25 (8)

0.22 (7,04)

0.2 (6,4)

48 slots

0.3 (14,4)

0.27 (12,96)

0.22 (10,56)

64 slots

0.35 (22,4)

0.32 (20,48)

0.3 (19,2)

For server 48 slots CQ INFANTRY no discount, if pay to 2 or 3 month.

P.S. Ask bot-support for do server full. 100% garantee for CQ, TDM, Domination.

PAYPAL account (Euro only!): | 

Or use this PAYPAL link for donate:

Пожертвование через Yandex-money: (рубли только сюда) rub only.
Ваш ВЗНОС (только рубли) на поддержку серверов через Яндекс-деньги (банк. картой) 

BF4-BF3 OUR Gameservers in Germany by our dedicated server (summary ~400 slots)

You can rent and resize any server from this list (or we create new server for You)

RANKED with freepay 4 slots (for commanders or spectrators) :

This server already rented. New owner TISHKA DRONT from [TOP]

This server already rented. New owner not from [TOP] and have full control

This server already rented. New owner not from [TOP] and have full control

This server already rented. New owner not from [TOP] and have full control

This server already rented. New owner not from [TOP] and have full control

This servers ready for RENT. Press RENT-info
VIP-status work in all this servers (if not rented)

Last DONATORS have active VIP: use VIP-previlegies with VIP-slot

  • Stalker_BJ_ 36euro 29.07.2017-29.07.2018

  • Hamsi_Kafalu61 6 euro 28.01.2018-28.03.2018

  • akahfisaaaaadf 6euro 04.02.2018-04.04.2018

  • IamTheFoxxy  6euro 31.03.2018-31.05.2018

  • h33elements 500rub 05.04.2018 - 04.05.2018 (+ set maplist in Infantry 48 to CQ small)

  • HKnebel 6euro 15.04.2018-15.06.2018

  • Edward Kolodziej (no nick) 6+6+3euro, last 21.01.2018- contact to us for add VIP

DONATE and use VIP-status - VIP work in all our servwrs, if server not rented.

You can use the VIP-privileges (go to the server without wait (BF4), protection vs avtokill when You did teamkill, no limit for weapons, choice next map, when map-vote-time and etc.) donate and get VIP-status, then you really support this honestplay fun gameservers with very good anticheat system. 

******* TOP-CLAN VIP previlegies BF4 ******* 

VIP join to server BEFORE any players, N1 in queue! 
VIP have 5 vote when vote-time to next map,
and VIP really choice next map, if not vote other VIPs 

-not write full nick, write first 4-5 symbols,
if server show name - answer !yes or !no
-all commands start with symbol !
= = = = = = = =
VIP use commands to chat: 
!vip_mute nick  - MUTE player to current day
!vip_unmute nick - UNmute player 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set server mode to next round: 
!vip_classic - set to CLASSIC mode 
!vip_normal - set to NORMAL mode 
!vip_hardcore - set to HARDCORE mode 
!vip_infantry - set INFANTRY mode (NO vehicles) 
Server auto-back to DEFAULT mode every next round 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set server Frequency to next round: 
Server auto-back Frequency to default 30Ghz 

= = = = = = = =  
VIP set country for both team to next round: 
1 - LEFT side team 
2 - RIGHT side team
us - USA
cn - CHINA
!vip_team1_us - set LEFT team to US 
!vip_team2_ru - set RIGHT team to RU 
!vip_team1_cn - set LEFT team to CHINA 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set description of server (LOAD-game page) 
in right side of screen, when player wait load game 
in next round description back to default text 
!vip_server YOUR TEXT 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set BIG YELLOW welcome message 
Show once, BIG YELLOW WORDS to center of screen,
 when player spawned  first time oafter joined
!vip_welcome YOUR TEXT 
in next round YELLOW TEXT back to default text 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP send to chat private message to players 
Other players not see this messages: 
!vip_tell_you YOUR PRIVATE TEXT 
or use short command !111 NICK YOUR PRIVATE TEXT 
= = = = = = = =  
Minimal money for donate 6 euro (300rub) 
Donate 6 euro and get VIP to ALL our official type DE servers (expect RU) to 2 month
Donate 6 euro (300rub) and get VIP to ONE RU server (Expect DE) to 2 month
= = = = = = = =  
Commands in chat from any players: 
all commands started from symbol "!" 
!myguid - show your GUID 
!myip - show your IP 
!mytimes - show how many time you play in server 
!guid playernick - show short GUID of other player 
!loc playernick - show COUNTRY of other players 
!times playernick -  show how many time he play in server 
******* Enjoy!  TOP-CLAN *******

Medal of HONOR 2010
Donate to rent - support servers  (get VIP) Admins: LORDs  | Protected by anticheat TAC

Natural Selection 2. Game history

3. Owner: Tishka Dront (admin, donater, programmer) 
Minecraft 1.10.2 |  IP: | Classic Vanilla |  Interestng battle in night vs very many mobs 
in current time OFFLINE, but saved

Minecraft 1.11.2 |  IP: | Classic Vanilla |  Last version all time

Minecraft 1.8.8 |  IP: | Classic Vanilla |  Autochange seasons WINTER-SUMMER
Unical mode: 
Snow falls in winter and melts in summer. The ponds turn to ice and melt in the spring 

4. Owner: Tishka Dront (admin, donater, programmer) 
 DONATE this 2 MINECRAFT servers - click Here

Minecraft 1.10.2 |  IP: | Ultra Hard Vanille |  Many strong angry mobs |  

Minecraft 1.10.2 |  IP: | Hard Vanilla | Angry mobs |

5. Owner: Umnaya Svinka. Tishka Dront - admin, programmer only.

 Donate this 2 minecraft servers

Minecraft 1.10.2 |  IP: |  Hard Vanilla Survival | VILLAGERS | 

Minecraft 1.10.2 |  IP: |  Hard Vanilla Survival | TWO VILLAGE | 

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