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VIP-status in BF4
18.06.2017, 00:47

VIP-status previlegies in BF4:

  • VIP join to server without wait before PREMIUM accounts and becomes the first in the queue

  • IF work WEAPON-limit mode, then VIP use any weapons without limits

  • When time for voting for the next map - VIP vote 5 votes of ordinary players

  • When VIP kille player, to player`s chat show info about him VIP-killer

  • Nick last came on the server the VIP is displayed on the game load screen in the lower right corner

RULE for VIP-status

  • 1 server -   3 euro

  • Minimal 2 server 

  • Minimal time 1 month (6 euro to 2 servers

PAYPAL account (Euro only!):

Or use this PAYPAL link for donate:

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I would like to pay for VIP status on a BF4 server with PaySafe. Can this be done ?
WHo do I send the Code to ? What other information do you need ?
We not have account in PaySafe, sorry. For donate from not Russia - we have PAYPAL only.