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TAC (Tishka Active System)
01.04.2018, 22:56

TAC (Tishka Active Control)

For full control to not rented servers TOP server using TAC. TAC control:

  • TAC Bots System: Popular type servers full every day, standart maps only
  • Dinamic server-size (autochange slots)
  • Dinamic map list
  • Tishka Anti Cheat: aimbot detect module by TAC - work very fast vs agressive aimboters (fairfight, bf4db long time do analize). TAC anticheat very accurate, no false bans.
  • Cheater database by TAC
  • Virus model TAC anticheat - who contacted with cheater too get ban.
  • VIP system and previlegies for VIP
  • VIP, LORDs commands to chat
  • Admin commands to chat (very extended vs standart admin plugins)
  • TAC after detect can say go out if no - then insult cheaters in him country language (support 16 language) - interesting for official servers

TAC can give any tag to any player with admin-command to chat. If give tag cheater - then TAC insult cheater - this mode interesting in official servers.

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