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Write server name and your nick without errors ! )

For protect vs cheaters using cheater-database:  PB_WriteCfg  pb_sv_restart
PB_SV_UnBanGuid [GUID] 

  • fairfight
  • (service down)
  • cheater base from other games: who used cheats in any version of battlefield, any CALL of DUTY and etc. - he not can play in FUNC BF4-BF3 servers.

For detect cheaters using: 

  • punkbuster
  • fairfight
  • exlusive handmade programm "Tishka-anticheat" for autoban (programmed Tishka Dront)
  • report from players - all data about every player save to database, and cheater get ban)

If want ban-unban: write link about player, what is game

RULE for unban in MOH after used cheats (detected by punkbuster (pbbans or ggc-stream) or by TAC (true detected, no suspect, sure only]):

  • for unban donate 10 euro to PAYPAL:
  • after unban use ONE nick only, not use any cheats.
  • Honest play only, not use macros for mouse (TAC use personal traccking module for unbanned players)
  • If use cheats again - get ban again. 
    P.S. You not can use new game account and continue play - get autoban again.

For unban in BF4 - contact to admin. Then server stop insult cheater or unban. Minimal donate 10 euro. Unban work in all  [TOP] servers (if admin can unban)

BAN-list | Views: 5321 | Date: 23.03.2016 | Comments (115)

[FUNC] FUN CRAZy CLAN members:

  • MOH 2010
  • BF4-BF3
  1. TISHKA DRONT | admin
  2. PUMCAT | admin
  3. Andrey43 | admin
  4. Heisenberg4004
  1. TISHKA_DRONT | admin BF4-BF3
  2. Heisenberg4004
  3. -
  4. -

Members type: FUN CRAZy PRO
Join: FUN GOOD Friends
Emotions: Fix to POSITIVE

FUNC CLAN communications:

  • Battlelog chat (BF3-BF4)
  • Skype group chat
  • TeamSpeak 3: IP:
  • Talk with mobile (for RU), TISHKA_DRONT can freepay call to all Russia


  • [FUNC] members not say insults not once and active in life of FUNC clan!
  • For autoEXIT:  OFF [FUNC] tag or change platoon to not [FUNC]
Members. Motto. Rules. | Views: 3180 | Date: 23.03.2016 | Comments (19)

VIP-status previlegies in BF4:

DONATE and use VIP-status - VIP work in all our servers, if server not rented (because after rent not all new owners rename server)

You can use the VIP-privileges (go to the server without wait (BF4), protection vs avtokill when You did teamkill, no limit for weapons, choice next map, when map-vote-time and etc.) donate and get VIP-status, then you really support this honestplay fun gameservers with very good anticheat system. 

******* TOP-CLAN VIP previlegies BF4 ******* 

  • VIP join to server BEFORE any players, N1 in queue! 
  • VIP have 5 vote when vote-time to next map, and VIP really choice next map, if not vote other VIPs 

RULE for command to chat: 
-not write full nick, write first 4-5 symbols,
if server show name - answer !yes or !no
-all commands start with symbol !
= = = = = = = =
VIP use commands to chat: 
!vip_mute nick  - MUTE player to current day
!vip_unmute nick - UNmute player 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set server mode to next round: 
!vip_classic - set to CLASSIC mode 
!vip_normal - set to NORMAL mode 
!vip_hardcore - set to HARDCORE mode 
!vip_infantry - set INFANTRY mode (NO vehicles) 
Server auto-back to DEFAULT mode every next round 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set server Frequency to next round: 
Server auto-back Frequency to default 30Ghz 

= = = = = = = =  
VIP set country for both team to next round: 
1 - LEFT side team 
2 - RIGHT side team
us - USA
cn - CHINA
!vip_team1_us - set LEFT team to US 
!vip_team2_ru - set RIGHT team to RU 
!vip_team1_cn - set LEFT team to CHINA 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set description of server (LOAD-game page) 
in right side of screen, when player wait load game 
in next round description back to default text 
!vip_server YOUR TEXT 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP set BIG YELLOW welcome message 
Show once, BIG YELLOW WORDS to center of screen,
 when player spawned  first time oafter joined
!vip_welcome YOUR TEXT 
in next round YELLOW TEXT back to default text 
= = = = = = = =  
VIP send to chat private message to players 
Other players not see this messages: 
!vip_tell_you YOUR PRIVATE TEXT 
or use short command !111 NICK YOUR PRIVATE TEXT 
= = = = = = = =  
Minimal money for donate 6 euro (300rub) 
Donate 6 euro and get VIP to ALL our official type DE servers (expect RU) to 2 month
Donate 6 euro (300rub) and get VIP to ONE RU server (Expect DE) to 2 month
= = = = = = = =  

PAYPAL account (Euro only!): | 
Or use this PAYPAL link for donate:

Пожертвование через Yandex-money: (рубли только сюда) rub only.
Ваш ВЗНОС (только рубли) на поддержку серверов через Яндекс-деньги (банк. картой) - доп. скидка 10% при оплате на 3 месяца, действует до конца марта 2018г.



  • Stalker_BJ_ 36euro 29.07.2017-29.07.2018

  • IamTheFoxxy 6euro 31.03.2018-31.05.2018

  • N3wKidOnTh3Block 500rub  04.04.2018 - 04.06.2018

  • HKnebel 6 euro 15.04.20018-15.06.2018

  • h33elements 05.04.2018-04.05.2018 (+ set Infantry 48 CQ small only)


  • Edward Kolodziej (no nick) 6+6+3euro, last 21.01.2018- contact to us for add VIP

Servers | Views: 2127 | Date: 18.06.2017 | Comments (22)

Обновите джава 8 отсюда, другие джавы глючат, проверено, выберите 64бита или х86.

Скачайте наш майнкрафт лаунчер(нажмите для скачки), поддерживает автообновление всех версий, даже которые еще не вышли. Скачайте  и положите файл в корень диска С и распакуйте.
В избранные уже добавлены наши FUNC сервера.
Далее читайте инструкции внутри в файлt read_me.txt 


Общение голосом в игре:  наш голосовой сервер ТимСпик 3 IP:
Выберите ОС  Windows и укажите 32 или 64 бита  TS3 клиента по ссылке:
Download teamspeak 3 and connect to our server  ts3.FUNC-CLAN.RU for voice talk in game.

Any player: Задать точку спавна при смерти /spawnpoint
Admins only: Задать точку спавна для всех /setworldspawn

Download and install good JAWA from official site:

Download freepay launcher (press) with minecraft 1.10.2 (launcher can download any versions of minecraft)
To favorite added all FUNC servers(now 11)
After download unzip file to C:\
Go to folder C:\Minecraft_www.FUNC-CLAN.ru_EN
and read file read_me.txt

FUNC 5 servers: ADD to Favorite!  Hard vanilla mode.

  1. IP: 
  2. IP:
  3. IP:
  4. IP: 
  5. IP: 

In game write to chat: /register Your_created_password
Next join to serevr write to chat: /login Your_password

DONATE this 2 server! (press)  DONATE 2 our other server! (press)

Minecraft-server | Views: 2775 | Date: 23.03.2016 | Comments (18)


ALL our Germany BF4 servers hosted in our dedicated server by, this edicated server payed to april'18 2019 (not 2018!)

  • You can rent old server with life time 1 year, this server in favorite of many players!

  • Before rent - resize old server to choiced size = 16..64 slots. 
  • Rent our BF4-BF3 servers 30Ghz - minimal price in world

  • FULL WEB-interface, acces to all startup files and setup, FTP-access

PAYPAL account (Euro only!): | 
Or use this PAYPAL link for donate:


Пожертвование через Yandex-money: (рубли только сюда).
Ваш ВЗНОС (только рубли) через Яндекс-деньги (банк. картой).

You can rent and resize ANY FREE server.


Servers | Views: 3426 | Date: 02.05.2016 | Comments (21)

ACTION STOPPED in 01.06.2016 !!!

BF4 only !
9 players in BF4, who many time play to any BF4 servers in current mouth - they  will get VIP-status for next mouth to ALL BF4 gameservers)
Who have the first 3 places in the time-ranking in any of BULL servers - get VIP status.
Play many time to any BULL server and you have high chanses will be WINNER !!!
The ranking is sorted by time of gameplay only, how long have you played on the current server.
Hint: it is easier to have a high rating on an unpopular server. Spawn - for add time to your playtime rank.

SEE Your RANK in playtime raiting: (update every ~1 hour)

​Battlefield 4: your playtime rank
Топ игроки (первые 3 по времени в игре) для получения ВИПа на следующий месяц

9 игроков (BF4) , кто много играет на любых наших БФ4-БФ3 серверах, а т.е. по 3-ТОП игрока (по критерию время игры) на каждом сервере - получают по итогам месяца ВИП на следующий месяц, действующий на все сервера БФ4-БФ3 (кроме ВИП-слота). Вы можете увеличить Ваш ранк, даже просто сидя на пустом сервере.

  • If You not have many time for play - You can donated and get VIP-status and VIP-slot and reserve slot. More info ...
  • Любой игрок может пожертвовать небольшую сумму и получить ВИП-статус и ВИП-слот. Подробнее...
Action | Views: 2040 | Date: 23.03.2016 | Comments (10)

I rented in Germany  april'2017 and payed to 2 year dedicated serverfor for start BF3-BF4 gameservers. Maximum can be summary online ~500slots without lag 30Ghz. I now aka gamehosting.

Battlefield 3-4. Command to chat ingame:

  • !guid playername - show him guid 
  • !loc playername - show him country
  • !mytimes - Show how many time you play
  • !scores - Show result of previous round
  • !myguid - Show your full GUID
  • !myip - Show your IP
  • !vipinfo - show VIP-previlegies and current VIP-list
  • !rules - show current rules in server

TAC (Tishka Active System) control all TOP servers: messages to chat, dinamic server size, dinamic maplist, exslusive anticheat TAC (Tishka Anti Cheat)

Medal of Honor 2010 - oursite - main site in world for this game, i have 2 [TOP] server.

Minecraft servers - we have few small servers SHOOTER MODE with ULTRA hard survival for HIGN-SKILL FIGHTERS - battle vs many mobs. Very interesting hard gameplay. I have 6 servers, payed to 1year, 6month and etc. You can join to this serevr with freepay version minecraft.


Servers | Views: 4386 | Date: 28.03.2016 | Comments (67)

Sorry. For admins only

Admin only | Views: 1113 | Date: 28.03.2016 | Comments (3)

TOP-players |  BF4  | MOH 2010

Current TOP-10 raiting: PRESS to banner of choice server to MAIN PAGE

TOP players 10.07-01.10.2016:

TOP-10 by SCORE:


TOP players 01.10.2016 - 

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Current TOP-10 of BF4 servers

Current TOP-10 of MOH-2010 servers

Current TOP-10 of BF3 servers



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