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[FUNC] Members. Motto. Rules.
23.03.2016, 04:41

[FUNC] FUN CRAZy CLAN members:

  • MOH 2010
  • BF4-BF3
  1. TISHKA DRONT | admin
  2. PUMCAT | admin
  3. Andrey43 | admin
  4. Heisenberg4004
  1. TISHKA_DRONT | admin BF4-BF3
  2. Heisenberg4004
  3. -
  4. -

Members type: FUN CRAZy PRO
Join: FUN GOOD Friends
Emotions: Fix to POSITIVE

FUNC CLAN communications:

  • Battlelog chat (BF3-BF4)
  • Skype group chat
  • TeamSpeak 3: IP:
  • Talk with mobile (for RU), TISHKA_DRONT can freepay call to all Russia


  • [FUNC] members not say insults not once and active in life of FUNC clan!
  • For autoEXIT:  OFF [FUNC] tag or change platoon to not [FUNC]
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1 tishkadront • 13:16, 25.03.2016 [Entry]
Пришла заявка о вступлении в клан. Принимаем))) ЗдОрово))
также напомню, DOOMTROOP3R - админ через команды в чате на БФ3 сервере

Form name: Contact Us
Sender's name: DOOMTROOP3R
Your nick in game without error: DOOMTROOP3R
Choice your game: BF3
Link to Your battlelog, Mohstat, Facebook, VK, Youtube ...:
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2 Exent_XD • 10:23, 27.03.2016 [Entry]
Прошу рассмотреть возможность вступить в Ваш клан slon2 MOH 2010
Answer: slon2 принят и Andrey43 тоже))) здОрово)) Хорошие ребята в клане)) Рад Вас видеть!!! Гип-гип-урааа))) Супер-команда складывается )))
3 tishkadront • 12:48, 28.03.2016 [Entry]
Ou, PUMCAT !! My friend joined to FUNC clan)) Now we have 4 members now and can do clanwar))) Ole-ole oleeeeee!!! )))
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4 grechkolol • 23:14, 28.03.2016 [Entry]
Всем привет. Можно к вам в клан.
Answer: Нубик, сорри. Только старые друзья, кто давно знает друг друга. Ты новый игрок в МОН, играешь только полгода.
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5 grechkolol • 23:14, 28.03.2016 [Entry]
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6 pumcat • 23:32, 28.03.2016 [Entry]
Hello my friends
This will be a strong team
Answer: Hey. PUMCAT) Yes. Very old players and friends, who long time  knows each other )))
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7 pumcat • 11:46, 29.03.2016 [Entry]
I think that we are enough experienced players in the MOH that we should make voting system
vote on the adoption of a new player to the clan
I think a good solution
voting system - for or against
a decision can be justified but this is not necessary
60-40% of votes positive result
the whole clan accepts result
What do you think?
8 tishkadront • 16:56, 29.03.2016 [Entry]
FUNC will be a small clan and should be 80% decisions on General issues. Otherwise it will lead to passive participation in the life of the clan. If clan members have doubt, then do not accept - join to clan. It is not our goal to be as great clan. We can add new category: friends of clan. The voting should be secret (I can do this on a hidden page on the website, even I can't see who voted for what). Questions about voting in the neutral form. Should be re anonymous poll in 1-2 weeks. To the members of the clan could think of during this time. Perhaps their opinion will change. Friends of the clan can be added to the chat clan members and participate in our discussions, show him opinion, but not vote. In the process of communication in a month or two - it can be only a friend or perhaps accepted into the clan. Accept in the clan, when all will sure in him = 100% vote yes))
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9 pumcat • 17:55, 29.03.2016 [Entry]
we have to respect each other
even if we have a different opinion
clan members must know who to vote
I do not support hiding it for clan members
for other people, you can hide it
the rest of the ideas I like
100% positive votes accepted into the clan
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10 mannep1 • 20:32, 29.03.2016 [Entry]
I Think if you play for one clan ... you most to user you clan tag not using Another nickname or play on 2 clan whit different TAG is not ok... CONDOR
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11 pumcat • 21:34, 29.03.2016 [Entry]
it is possible that you are right
They'll stay at one tag
I'm sorry my friend that this happened
I hope you understand
do not be angry with me.
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12 mannep1 • 23:03, 29.03.2016 [Entry]
Pumcat i am not angry whit you... np ... biggrin
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13 pumcat • 02:54, 30.03.2016 [Entry]
Thanks bro
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14 ddvostr • 09:42, 07.04.2016 [Entry]
Прошу рассмотреть возможность вступить в Ваш клан Balomut MOH 2010
15 tishkadront • 10:04, 07.04.2016 [Entry]
Hi, Balomut !!!  We glad see You in FUNC clan)) We know, what You fair guy, all time move to small or weak team, support start empty server, good fighter)) Very well, what you with us. Slon2 sayed me, what You sent letter, but i checked spam-folder too, but not find letter fom You. Please, send me letter again from FUNC site- CONTACTS and i send link to FUNC group skype-chat (you can talk from browser only withou install skype-programm)
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