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LORD-status in BF4
18.06.2017, 01:04

Lord status in bf4 gives you the opportunity to:
comfortable game with the ability to stop the arrogant behavior on the server

  • LORD may kick and temporarily ban the player for fair reasons

    • insults and rudeness

    • for insulting a player

      for the deliberate murder of his

    • for using cheats or macros

    • return stolen technique after few warning to player

      • !lord_kick nick
      • !lord_temp_ban nick

  • The LORD can write messages in the chat personally to the player. These messages are hidden for other players

    • !lord_tell_you Your_text

    • !111  Your_text

  • The LORD can set the country of both teams: left (1) or right (2) Side.  Country will change in next round.

    • !lord_team1_us

    • !lord_team1_ru

    • !lord_team1_cn

    • !lord_team2_us

    • !lord_team2_ru

    • !lord_team2_cn

P. S. Instead of the full nickname - you can enter 4-5 letters of nicks, and if the server does not understand he will ask again and will offer full nickname a player and then respond !yes or !no.

Temporary ban works until the end of the round, any Kick command from the LORD or TAC cancels the temporary bans.

Rule for LORD-status

  • 1 server -   3 euro

  • Minimal 2 server 

  • Minimal time 1 month (6 euro to 2 servers) 

  • LORD-status work - if active VIP-status!

  • If you abuse LORD-status converted to VIP-status

PAYPAL account (Euro only!):

Or use this PAYPAL link for donate:

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1 xeyhjesus • 16:50, 01.10.2017 [Entry]
I would like to donate for lord, does lord get vip permissions too?
Answer: Wait, in this week update info in BF4 to LORD and VIP
Now old info in site.
i think, LORD can use  few commands only in BF4
-set to player - TAG cheater. Then if this player start kill - server do afto-restart round (not server)
-do force end of round (show all results), for protect vs abuse - once per day one server
-and maybe set next map, write command after vote-time to next map in server
VIP  already can change all peresets: hardcore, infantry, normal, classic ...
full actual vip commands in game, write to chat !vipinfo

if You already VIP - You can set description to server (show to current round), and set big yellow stroke (show once to center of screens, when player did first spawn)
maybe i later change VIP commands and give to LORD only this commands
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2 xeyhjesus • 17:03, 01.10.2017 [Entry]
also who do i give my info too?
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3 xeyhjesus • 20:03, 01.10.2017 [Entry]
how do i buy