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LORD-status in MOH-2010
18.06.2017, 03:21

LORD status in MOH-2010 for a comfortable gameplay and allows you to change server settings

  • Kill player

    • !lord_kill playernick - answer !yes

  • Kill both teams for re-spawn if permannent BASE-RAPE

    • kill both teams for re-spawn if permannet BASE-RAPE

  • Temp ban.  Work once in day to 1 hour.

    • ​​!lord_temp_ban playernick minutes reason - answer !yes

  • Set map to next round

    • ​​!lord_next_map_mazari

    • !lord_next_map_valley

    • !lord_next_map_shahikot

    • !lord_next_map_gazmir
    • !lord_next_map_kandagar
    • !lord_next_map_cunar
    • !lord_next_map_kabul
    • !lord_next_map_diwagal
  • MOH only: End of round now. Aka regular finish of round, show results for all. Can only be used immediately after the start of the round. Or if empty server. Rarerly not work, then use !lordnextmap

    • !lord_end_round - answer !yes

  • ​MOH only: Radar ON and OFF to next round. Server report to chat about choiced mode

    • ​​!lord_radar_on

    • !lord_radar_off

  • ​LORD set FRIENDLY FIRE is ON\OFF, write to chat:

    • ​​!lord_friendly_fire_on

    • !lord_friendly_fire_off

  • MOH only: LORD set HEALTH of PLAYERS - RESTORE ON\OFF, write to chat:

    • ​​!lord_health_restore_on

    • ​​!lord_health_restore_off

  • MOH only: LORD MUTE\UNMUTE PLAYERS, write to chat:

    • ​​!lord_mute nick

    • !lord_unmute nick

  • MOH only: LORD MOVE players for balance, write to chat:

    • !lord_move_1 nick (to left team)

    • !lord_move_2 nick (to right team)

  • MOH only: LORD MOVE himself, to biggest team too
    • !lord_move_me_1 (to left team)

    • !lord_move_me_2  (to right team)

P.S. 1 server - 3 euro per month, minimal 6 euro (2 month)
LORD-status work, if active VIP-status
LORD-status for player - only if we trust to him
If abuse - LORD converted to VIP status
​​​​​​​Write not full nick, first 4-5 letters only
If server show nick and ask, then answer: !yes or !no


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